As a relatively small country, the Netherlands can be described as a world player in fruits and vegetables. In 2018 the import value increased with 5% to €7.6 billion and our export value increased with 4% to €11.3 billion. Almost 90% of all export products are sold to countries within the EU. With its strong network for fresh produce, the Dutch fruit and vegetable sector is able to excellently fulfil its role as an importer. They also add value to the products, for example by maturing products and delivering ready-to-eat products.

With the Westland and other greenhouse horticulture areas as production pillars and the proximity of the port of Rotterdam, the Dutch sector is world famous as a (re-)exporter of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants. In addition, thanks to a collaboration with Wageningen University, the sector holds a huge amount of knowledge. All in all, we are located at a logistical hotspot. We are proud to have opened a new building at the Bleiswijk auction site in the spring of 2018, with all the necessary office space and the opportunity to store products and to cross-dock.



The world´s largest wholesale food market is located at the international market of Rungis, near Paris. This wholesale market finds its origins in the 10th century, when it was still located at Les Halles in the heart of Paris. In 1969, that 10 hectare area became too small and the market moved to Rungis, close to tracks, the highway and Orly International Airport. Today, Rungis covers an area of 237 hectares.

Of the five main market departments (fish, meat, flowers, dairy and fresh produce), the fruit and vegetables department is of the most importance. Over nine halls, no fewer than 363 vendors sell their products from all over the world. Novelties as kiwis, mini vegetables and edible flowers gained traction at Rungis. No wonder many European chefs are right at home at this wholesale market, where, according to the latest numbers, 737.268 tons of fruit and 461.739 tons of vegetables are sold.

Experience this market? We would love to take you on a tour to this Parisian wholesale market!


When purchasing new equipment, we strive to keep the weight down so we can carry more load and emit less carbon dioxide.


We know Rungis like the back of our hand, but our service doesn’t stop there. We also provide transport from Rungis to:

Downtown Paris
Saint Etienne

And of course we provide transport back to Rungis or The Netherlands from these locations.


For all your national and international transports. Are you looking for a reliable partner for your transports? You have found one in Gebr. Opstal Transporten!

Rungis 4


Daily groupage transport from and to Rungis, Paris

Geconditioneerd Transport tegel


From -20°C to +20°C



Daily groupage transport from various airport to the Netherlands

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Klappolder 121 (building K)
2665 LP Bleiswijk
(auction site The Greenery)
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Rungis Road Express
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Container transport

Rungis Road Express kan voor u het volledige transport vanaf diverse havens tot aan uw deur regelen. Of het nu gaat om stukgoed in 20ft containers of groenten & fruit in 45ft Highcube Reefers bij ons bent u op het juiste adres.
Van het voormelden van Douane documenten tot en met het inleveren op het retour depot wij nemen het gehele traject bij u uit handen.
Door middel van ons netwerk in de container branche kunnen wij u van alle gemakken voorzien.

Container Transport tegel

Airfreight perishables

Op luchthavens als Parijs-Charles de Gaulle, Brussel – Brucargo, Luchthaven Oostende-Brugge kennen wij de weg. Hier door kunnen wij uw zendingen op deze luchthavens tijdig ophalen en op de eindbestemming leveren.

Rungis 1

Geconditioneerd transport

Met een eigen vloot van ATP gekeurde koeltrailers verzorgen wij dagelijks transporten met groente & fruit / bloemen & planten. Onze chauffeurs weten precies hoe zij met uw producten om moeten gaan om de kwaliteit hier van optimaal te bewaren. Doormiddel van training zorgen wij er voor dat de kennis van de chauffeurs altijd up to date blijft.

Naast het transport naar Rungis/Parijs, Frankrijk hebben wij ook dagelijks diverse auto’s die op nationaal niveau geconditioneerd transport uitvoeren.

DSC_0049 copy
DSC_0047 copy

Groupage Rungis

Rungis Road Express vertrekt dagelijks naar en van Rungis, Parijs onder geconditioneerde tempratuur . Door de kennis die onze chauffeurs hebben met AGF en van de groothandelsmarkt Rungis kunnen wij er voor zorgen dat uw producten netjes en onder goede conditie geleverd worden bij uw klanten. Tevens is het mogelijk om uw producten in de stad van Parijs en omliggende gemeenten te leveren. Door onze nauwe samenwerking met Franse transporteurs rijkt ons levering gebied verder dan alleen Rungis.

DSC_0010 copy
DSC_0028 copy